Traffic – The Life Blood of Affiliate Marketing

So you are looking for visitors for your website, traffic is the life-blood of any business. If you own a shop you open it in a busy street. You want plenty of foot-fall. If you don’t have customers you don’t have sales! Luckily you do have more choices for gaining customers in internet marketing.

You need a mix, paid traffic to bring fast results, and free organic traffic to grow in the background organically and spread you word virally.

YouTube and other video websites are a fantastic source of both free and paid for traffic. You only have to look at the number of clicks on a popular video to see what is possible. You can also pay to advertise, so learn to make great videos fast.

Solo ads are an almost immediate traffic source. You are paying someone with a large list to send your email with a free offer to their list; great for building your email list. Be careful who you use, and trial a small number of clicks first. Use specialised monitored websites like Udimi or Facebook groups to purchase from.

PPC is another paid source. You immediately have an advertisement on Google search pages where people see you, you only pay when people click your link. Go to Google Keyword Planner for your keywords, it is free.

Now for some organic traffic:

I like article marketing, you do have to write regularly. Articles should be interesting informative, easy to read, and relevant to the title. You can put them on directories on Kindle, guest blogging sites and reuse them in eBooks, emails and courses to encourage people to sign up to your list.

Forum Marketing can be good, once again targeted traffic if there is a good link between your niche and the forum topic;look for busy forums with many active members that are interested in you topic. Visitors respond to your posts with a link in your signature. Read the terms and conditions or you may get banned.

Multi-media marketing is a huge subject and can be paid or free. There is a big social aspect to it, so it appeals to some more than others, to study the subject they are many books available and here are some experts in the different networks, many offer free information: Marie Smith, Martin Shervington, Tim Kitchen, Kiss Metrics, or look at Google updates. There is also masses of information on YouTube.

So if you are looking for a simple way to begin online, affiliate marketing with the guidance of a mentor providing products sales pages and training will lessen your initial learning curve, so that you can start earning whilst you are learning the techniques necessary for success. You will work a tried and tested plan with the comradeship of others learning too.

Before you join a group, check the quality of the training and products provided, if you are recommended by someone you trust so much the better. Affiliate marketing is a great way to work anywhere once you have built your business, it does take time but is fun to learn new things, begin in your spare-time whilst you have paid income.

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